Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Designer Showcase: Tracy Reese

Tracy Reese is one of America's top designers.  Tracy Reese is an African-American woman born in Detroit Michican in 1964 to a working class family. She started her own company designing clothes in 1987-1989.  In her early years as a designer she designed for Perry Ellis and Magaschoni. She began the famous line Tracy Reese Meridien line better know as TR Plenty and Plenty Home in 1996.  Her signature look is usually very clean and girly.  Her latest runway collection is a bit more edgy and structured with a mix of her signature style. Take a look at some of the designs I like from her Spring 2011 collection:

Accessory Trend: The Gold Watch

The gold watch trend is roaring at the moment. The gold watch has made it's way back to the fashion scene after a 15 to 20 year hiatus. The gold Rolex (or look alikes) was a staple in the eighties when gold was trending at that time and now this look has resurfaced thankfully.  I am currently on a search for the perfect reasonably priced quality Gold watch.  When you flash a nice gold watch, it doesn't really matter what outfit you are wearing, your watch will be a headturner for sure.  Take a look at some of the hottest versions out there:

Croton Gold Watch

Michael Kors

Impressive Faux Fur!

For the Fashionista animal lovers who love the look of fur but refuse to cosign on animal cruelty - you will LOVE THESE!

Jones New York teired faux fur


Red Fox Faux Fur

On the Radar: Native-American Inspired Outerwear

The Native American inspired outerwear has been on my radar for sometime. The rich colored patterns are warm, inviting and capturing to the eye.  I especially love the traditional patterns with modern style tailoring such as form fitting, A-line or waist-length cuts. This style is a fresh take on the traditional dark colored coat.  Take a look at a few that captured by attention:





Monday, November 22, 2010

Words of Fashion Wisdom: Karl Lagerfeld

"I am a fashion person, and fashion is not only about clothes -- it's about all kinds of change.  I'm open to everything.  When you start to criticize the times you live in, your time is over."

Check out a few pics from his Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear runway collection:


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lace Up this Fall

The laceup ankle boot is a tres chic look that is hot this season.  From the preppy school girl look to the sophisticated woman there are a wide variety of styles of laceups that compliment many different personality types.  I added a few pics of chic women who really "worked" this footwear.

black, lace-up ankle boots. h&m



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time for take off: Aviator shades

Aviator sunglasses are a must have this season.  These are not just your regular eyewear accessory, the precious metal trimming is basically jewelry for the eyes. These unisex shades look spectacular on men and women. Although you can, there is no need to wear statement making jewelry when you rock these as this look is bold enough on its own. Originally designed for pilots, these shades give the illusion you are on the go.
Let's take flight!

Eva Longoria


Tom Cruise

Sanna Lathan

Credit: Gettyimages

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chic Season Must-haves

Equestrian Theme Tall boot

The Tall boot is a chic season staple. This boot is for the woman on the go who doesn't want to sacrifice her fashion sense to her busy schedule. This look is great with slim fitting pants and looks great on all women.

Statement Making Oversized Scarf

Scarfs draped over your neck and shoulders shows you are chic and aware of your fashion sense. It can enhance the most basic look.

Slim-fitting Pant

Slim-fitting pants when worn tastefully (meaning the fit is proper for your size) looks great on women of all sizes.  This look is figure flattering for any woman.  Slim-fitting pants look nice with tall boots, ankle boots, flats or chic high-top tennis shoes.  The hem should stop just under your ankle for the most flattering look.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trend Alert: Bell Bottom Jeans

The Bell Bottom trend originated in the 1970's during the Hippie era.  The trend is slowly but surely returning as we approach the second decade of the new millenium.  I love the Bell Bottom jean look and the wider the bottom the more the pant has a slimming affect. 

Check out a couple of Chic ways to sport Bell Bottoms:

Thanks to

This is Rachel Zoe's staple item.  She is wearing 7 For All Man Kind. 7 For All Man Kind even made a version of the Bell Bottom jean in her name. Go Rachel!

Thanks to

Thanks to

I absolutely love how Katie Holmes is sporting this look.  Effortless Fab.

To purchase click here:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chic Women of the Past

Josephine Premice was a Tony Award Nominee, a dancer, a singer, a mother, and by marriage a true-blue Upper East Side socialite. 

Create given to

Nina Mae McKinney a.k.a known as "Black Garbo" was a notable acress of the 1920s when most of the actors were white. She was best know for her role in "Hallelujah" and all-Black musical in 1929.

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Your definition of CHIC

To be Chic is not just about having great style in dressing.  It is about being confident in who you are and not being afraid of putting your charisma on display.  When you are not afraid to be the best you - That is great form and that is Chic!

What is Chic to you?

Stylist to Admire

June Ambrose

Rachel Zoe

Tameka Raymond

All three of these women are Stylist to reputable celebrities such as Usher, Nicole Richie, Naomi Campbell, Diddy, Kate Hudson and Demi Moore. I love the looks that all three of these women conjure up for their clients.  Often the Stylist play the background but are very instrumental in providing a look that helps artist better market themselves.

Current Trends

Ballerina Flats are taking a backseat to the PennyLoafer

Perfect display of the how the PennyLoafer should be worn

European Panache

Multicolor tyedye with clutch

Sequin Dress

Preppy skinny leg slacks, blazer, African inspired T-shirt

Sheer Jeanie pants w/ 50's inspired hair

Courtesy of and

Indian Style

Mendhi is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration in the Indian Subcontinent.

African Chic