Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brooklyn Academy of Music African Festival "Fashionable Mentions"

Taking notes from this mannequin!
All the Fulani earrings you could ever want!  I got me a pair!

Lady in Red

The young lady models herself after the adult women

Her shirt says "I Love My Hair" - Well I did too!  Her fro is spectacular!

Mohawk/African drums/African straw back/Sundress - It all worked for her.

Male African garb/Locs

The styles of all 3 ladies was splendid!

Beaded chairs/African Garbs/Woman with Locs

Casual cool

Brooklyn hat/Bike/Biker shorts - Inspired by "Mars" from She's Gotta Have It

Pink glasses/Pink skirt were my faves in this shot

Jean linen cool/Simplistic style - Love IT!


African Garbs/Hat/Sandals
Quintessential young Brooklyn style

Keeping it cool and chic (African straw bag/Kangol straw hat) Guess who that is?

Shaved mohawks/Back-out shirts/Baggy jeans - Hippie style

That hat! 

Afro/flower/70's style

Having fun!